Ekonomis – Glass and mirror cleaner (concentrate)


Concentrated cleaner of glass, mirrors and other glass surfaces, diluted at a 1:10 ratio



Contains additives to make a glossy surface that stays clean, less dewy, no streaks left after it is cleaned.
It is easy to prepare because the empty bottle with a sprayer which is included has marked lines which indicate the point up to where you should pour the water and the concentrate.

Why use EKONOMIS concentrates?

1) Quality because it contains additives that improve the cleaning properties, making the surface shiny, longer-lasting clean.
2) Saving, because you get 3 liters of ready-to-use product, and the price of 0.5 liters is only about 0.65 euros.
3) Time-saving as you will not have to go to the store 5 times to buy the cleaner when it expires unexpectedly.
4) Ecology, because when you buy a concentrate you will not buy 6 plastic bottles that you will throw away later, but only one.
5) If the surface is heavily contaminated, a stronger concentration of cleaner can be made.
6) Easy to use, because the stopper with the dispenser and the label on the accompanying empty bottle with the dispenser is marked with the amount of water to pour and the amount of concentrate.
7) Reliable because it is made in Lithuania!


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