BOILING GRANULES instant siphon and sewer pipe cleaner

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Boling granules




Do not use with aluminum products, for washing chrome-plated, alkali-resistant non-ferrous metals.

Dissolves grease, hair, soap scum and other contaminants.

CAUTION : Causes severe burns. Wear (rubber, latex) gloves and use eye and face protection. When very hot water reacts with these granules, it swells strongly and can splash, so when pouring the granules into a sink, bath or toilet, keep your face as far away as possible. In case of contact with hands, eyes or elsewhere on the body, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

HOW TO USE: Add 0.5-1 liters of boiling water to the opening of the sink or bath, add 2 caps of granules and wash the remaining granules from the grate with a small amount of water. After 1-5 minutes, rinse with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary. Ventilate the premises.
In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible).

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. contains sodium hydroxide. DANGEROUS. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. After contact with skin, eyes or hair, wash immediately with plenty of water.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.681 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17.5 × 7.8 cm

1kg, 250g, 500g

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